DMSB Academy Cooperating With MDD Europe

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Training Partnership

The DMSB Academy and MDD Europe Ltd. (MDD) have agreed to work closely together on the international training of medical emergency services. MDD is the FIA’s official supplier and partner for medical services, equipment and consumables in motorsports worldwide.

Furthermore, they have been providing a rescue team specially trained in electric racing for the FIA Formula E Championship all year round and on all racetracks since the first test drives four years ago.
emergency medical services
In recent events, MDD Europe Ltd. provided English speakers for the DMSB Academy’s international course, the “International Medical Days 2018” in Nürburgring and will be continuing to support the DMSB Academy trainings in the future with proven experts in safety and electric racing.

It is also envisaged that MDD Europe Ltd. will be offering selected courses, such as RTTLS, internationally and in consultation with the DMSB in the months to come.

Emergency Medical Training and Services

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