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MDD First Response Bag – Complete

MDD First Response Bag – Complete

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The perfect bag as personal first aid kit, always on hand.


1 x First Response Bag - Empty   

1 x Shears           

1 x Gauze Swabs 10x10 (5 off)   

3 x Triangular Bandages

1 x Op Airways  

1 x Op Airways  

1 x NP Airways  

1 x NP Airways  

2 x PDI Lubricating Jelly 

2 x The Emergency Bandage 4"  

1 x Zinc Oxide Tape        

5 x Nitrile Gloves Medium (Pair)

1 x BVM              

1 x Pocket Mask              

1 x ADC Pulse Oximeter 

2 x SAM Splint Adult Flat             

1 x SAM XT Tourniquet, Orange 

1 x Chest Seal Valved     

1 x Chitosam Z Fold 3"x6"            

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FIA Official Supplier

MDD Europe Ltd (MDD) is the Official Supplier for Medical Products in Motor Sport of the FIA and supplies medical products across a range of FIA championships.

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